ATEX Training for Responsible PersonsVastuuhenkilöiden koulutus

To quickly improve the safety at the workplace and speed up the work in the explosion protection project, it is  key that responsible persons at the workplace have knowledge of the variety of aspects that are relevant for the project. For example, understanding the importance of explosion protection, what causes potentially explosive atmospheres, the impact of ventilation, the importance of storing substances correctly, and the qualities of chemicals and how they should be handled.

Having an up to date ATEX Training as a Responsible Person at the workplace is important because the training covers responsibilities within a range of areas where ATEX matters must be considered. These are for example purchasing the correct equipment and work clothing, creating work instructions that consider potentially explosive atmospheres, marking ATEX areas, and understanding the importance of maintenance and periodic inspections.

We recommend responsible persons to attend the full day training aimed for maintenance staff, as this covers a wide range of topics that will be relevant for responsible persons to know.

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