ATEX Training for Maintenance staff

Exvira Oy runs ATEX training for electrical engineers and electrical maintenance workers as well as mechanical maintenance workers.

Standard SFS EN 60079-14 requires that people who create electrical designs, carry out engineering work, or supervise or lead this work must have required qualification to carry out these duties.  The Standard also sets out the qualification requirements. ATEX training with Exvira Oy gives this qualification requirement and we issue a training completion card that can be used as proof of this qualification.

Sections 31§ and 82§ in the Electrical Safety Act 1135/2016 (Finland) regulate the structural safety or electrical equipment and the essential safety requirements for electrical work. The essential safety requirements can be seen fulfilled when adapting specific safety standards or similar publications, and TUKES has confirmed with the Guideline S10/2018 (in Finnish) that SFS EN 60079-14 is one of these standards. Exvira Oy’s training session covers how this Standard in used and adapted in a variety of real-life situations.

ATEX Training for electrical staff and maintenance staff includes at least the following information:
  • General overview of the ATEX Directives (atmosphere and equipment directives)
  • When EX area classification should be created and who creates it
  • What requirements EX area classifications have
  • Where potentially explosive areas and atmospheres usually exist
  • Where potentially explosive atmospheres due to dusts usually exist
  • How an explosion originates
  • What can ignite an explosion
  • Explosion prevention methods
  • Marking of EX areas – why, how and where
  • Grounding and equipotential bonding
  • Temperature categories and explosion limits of substances
  • Hazardous Area Categories – what they are, what they mean, examples
  • Explosion Protection Documentation – content, creation, responsible persons
  • Maintenance and installation work and their documentation
  • Safe working in EX areas – what does this mean
  • Qualification requirements for electrical design and electrical work in EX areas
  • Equipment requirements in potentially explosive areas and atmospheres
  • Explosion protection methods and procedure
  • Electrical Equipment Lists – why these must exist and an example
  • Preventative maintenance of electrical equipment in EX areas
  • Legislation and Standards related to electrical installations in EX areas
  • Documenting electrical installations in EX areas
  • Electrical design, component selection and installation in EX areas
  • Engines and inverters in EX areas
  • Heat tracing in EX areas
  • Marking of equipment and EX areas
  • Equipment already in use prior to ATEX directives
  • On what grounds is old equipment still safe to use
  • Inspections, commissioning, verification, and periodic inspections
  • EXI circuits special guidance
  • Work permit procedure and examples of work permits
  • Sharing responsibility in explosion protection matters
  • Repair, patching and maintenance of equipment in EX areas

Each training session includes a test end and after passing the test each attendee receives a certificate. Training lasts for one working day.

We have trained in over 350 companies.

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ATEX Training for Staff

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