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“I founded my company Exvira Oy on 1st September 2010. Prior to this I had worked in an engineering office in Neste Corporation for 24 years. I have worked with explosion protection and prevention matters for over 30 years. I have created explosion protection and prevention projects for large factory areas as well as smaller facilities and even for just parts of the process cycle. I have also created projects and explosion protection documentation for local councils, cities and consortiums of municipalities.” – Pauli Korhonen

Knowledge gained through a wide array of projects can be utilised when starting a project with a new client, when creating documentation for newly built facilities and when updating existing explosion protection documents.

Our reference list consists of the following facilities, factories and institutes alongside others:

*Power plants and Thermal power plants *Oil refineries *Chemical plants *Food and foodstuff factories *Alcoholic beverage factories *Paper factories and Forage factories *Carpenter workshops and Furniture factories *Waste management centres and hazardous waste facilities *Engineering workshops, car repair shops, maintenance halls *Schools, Fire stations, Indoor ice rinks *Laboratories, pilot- facilities *Plastic factories and Metal factories *Medicine factories and Cosmetic and Detergent factories *Logistics centres and Harbours *Car Paint Shops and Car factories *Dye factories and paint factories *Armed forces, Local Councils, Consortiums of Municipalities, Church congregations *Waste water treatment plants and biogas plants *Bakeries, Sweet factories and cookie factories *Hospitals, Bureaus and Learning institutions

We have created explosion protection documents for over 1500 workplaces.

We do not publish the names of our clients due to GDPR. We can send the reference list to you by request.

“I have ran an ATEX training session for over 500 times” – Pauli Korhonen Exvira Oy

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