ATEX Training

ATEX training is an important part of work safety and key for maintaining professional ability.

koulutus räjähdyssuojausIf you are a professional in the electrical industry and do engineering, electrical design or installation work in potentially explosive atmospheres, or are the person in charge of staff performing such work, you must have a qualification for such work and you must be able to evidence this.

ATEX Training for staff in the electrical industry is the solution.

The Finnish legislation requires that staff who work in potentially explosive atmospheres must receive training. Attachment 2 Section 1.1 Government Decree 576/2003 (Finland)

(The employer must provide sufficient and appropriate training and guidance regarding health and safety at work to staff who work in potentially explosive atmospheres.)

Without ATEX training, the importance of explosion protection will be unfamiliar to staff, which makes the explosion protection document almost irrelevant, as guidance may not be followed, and accidents can happen.

ATEX training will also be useful for equipment manufacturers and suppliers who make and supply equipment for potentially explosive atmospheres.

ATEX Trainer

Pauli Korhonen has trained thousands of people in hundreds of companies. The attendees in training sessions have been responsible persons in charge, maintenance staff, and manufacturers. ATEX training is necessary for all staff who work in potentially explosive areas.

Our English-speaking trainer Johanna Korhonen has been with Exvira Oy since 2020, creating explosion protection documents and accompanying Pauli to training sessions. Both half day and full day training sessions can be run in English and the materials provided will be in English.

ATEX Training material

ATEX training includes plenty of photograph and video examples of good and bad practice. The training session is practical so staff can put it to use in their everyday work, and the material will be customised depending on who the training is delivered to. For example, maintenance staff, manufacturers, designers and engineers, persons in charge and supervisors all hear examples and perspectives suitable for their line of work. Training covers explosion protection in the aspects and areas that are relevant to the job role of the attendees. Training session for production staff is two to three hours long.

A more extensive training session aimed to maintenance staff and to supervisors and persons in charge takes a full day. The training session covers all relevant matters that employees must know when doing maintenance work in potentially explosive areas, or when designing or engineering for a facility that has potentially explosive areas or when manufacturing equipment for such areas.

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