Explosion protection document

Exvira Oy has extremely strong experience of explosion protection.

Explosion Protection can include the following services:

  • Explosion protection document (as an attachment of the safety plan)
  • Hazardous Area classification of potentially explosive areas and atmospheres (which areas may cause a hazard and what zone classifications are they)
  • Hazardous Area floor plan (these clarify the locations of hazardous areas)
  • ATEX Equipment requirements for potentially explosive atmospheres (what are the required ATEX categories for the electronic and other equipment within the potentially explosive areas)
  • List of hazardous substances that pose a risk within the premises (these determine the ATEX equipment requirements)
  • Operational guidance and working instructions in EX-areas
  • Work permit procedure that also considers maintenance work 
  • Assessing the suitability of the equipment (risk assessing old equipment)
  • Assessing the grounding systems (checking installations, diagrams, and measuring transcripts)
  • Assessing the suitability of ventilation (correct implementation, measuring transcripts)
  • Electrical equipment and ATEX equipment list for the premises (for preventative maintenance)
  • Instructional signage for EX-areas
  • Training for staff (according to the Government Decree on the Prevention of the Danger Caused by Explosive Atmospheres 576/2003 Finland, Attachment 2 Section 1.1.)
  • Revision of documents in relation to changes or extensions (documents must be up to date)

There are following requirements regarding the documentation for Equipment in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres:

  • Existing ATEX Certificates or the CE declaration of conformity for all equipment (and any special conditions for safe use)
  • Verification of intrinsically safe equipment and electric circuits
  • Instructions for installation, use and maintenance of ATEX equipment (in Finnish and Swedish)
  • Transcripts of the final inspection, verification inspection, and periodic inspection of electrical equipment

Only  preventative maintenance can ensure the safety of equipment.

According to the Government Decree 576/2003 (Finland) all potentially explosive atmospheres must have up-to-date explosion protection documentation.

Explosion Protection Documentation must be devised prior to commissioning new facilities.

Some Rescue Departments in Finland require Explosion Protection Documentations for an inspection prior to the opening of a new facility.

Work instructions must consider the special requirements of potentially explosive atmospheres. Electrical Equipment and other equipment must be ATEX certified to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres. Work clothes, uniforms and work tools must also be suitable for potentially explosive atmospheres. Maintenance work and periodic inspections in potentially explosive atmospheres have special requirements.

If there are changes in operation or the setup of the premises, documents should be updated at the planning stage to avoid unexpected costs.

Rescue Authority’s ATEX Guide (In Finnish)

The safety of Potentially Explosive Atmospheres is monitored by Fire Inspectors, Occupational Safety and Health Authority personnel, and the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency.

Creating an Explosion Protection Document for a small workplace usually takes one or two workdays. Projects for larger workplaces naturally require more time to complete.

Contact us and we will tell you more about our services. We can provide documents in English.

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