Exvira Oy is comprehensive and responsible explosion prevention

Exvira Oy is an ATEX specialist company.

“I have shared my expertise of ATEX matters for over 15 year through consulting, producing explosion protection documents, hazardous area zone classifications, risk assessments, and given ATEX training.

My background is in electrical engineering and technology and I previously worked as both an electrician and an electrical engineer. In my previous roles and in Exvira Oy I have worked in the field of explosion protection and prevention for over 30 years.

I have created explosion protection documents for over 1500 workplaces and my customers receive a comprehensive customer support and customer satisfaction guarantee of 10 years.” – Pauli Korhonen, Exvira Oy

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Occupational Safety and Health Act 738/2002 (Finland) states that employers in Finland are obliged to identify explosive hazards in the workplace and assess the impact of these on the health and safety of their employees. Explosion protection document must be created in all workplaces that store or handle flammable liquids, flammable gasses or flammable dusts.

Typically such workplaces are chemical plants, carpenter workshops, furniture factories, food factories, bakeries, waste management centres, hazardous waste facilities, dockyards, engineering and machine workshops, vocational schools, comprehensive schools, thermal power stations, depots, repair shops, etc.

A typical explosion prevention project includes auditing the workplace. During the audit we will familiarise ourselves with the operations and processes of the workplace and assess this activity from a range of safety aspects, such as chemical, electrical and explosive aspects as well as work safety. If we notice any shortcomings, we will immediately inform the client and record the information in the audit book.

Additionally, we will create explosion prevention documentation. This documentation includes zone classification of hazardous areas and potentially explosive atmospheres, if required, floor plans of hazardous areas, and equipment requirements for these areas. We also give guidance on explosion protection and prevention matters and provide instructional signage for the potentially explosive atmospheres and areas. The project may also involve risk assessing equipment and even delivering training to the staff team.


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Creating an explosion protection document requires understanding and knowledge of a range of processes and of the dangers that those processes pose, a wide knowledge of legislation, knowledge of electronic devices, ventilation, grounding, and understanding of risk assessing equipment, and more.

Creating explosion protection documents, hazardous area zone classifications, risk assessing equipment and training staff in explosion protection and prevention requires a significant amount of expertise and professional ability. The Finnish Legislation specify requirements of proficiency for persons and companies providing these services and Exvira Oy fulfills these proficiency requirements.

Explosion protection document must be more than a file sitting in the office cabinet of the health and safety officer. Potentially explosive atmospheres must be identified and clearly marked, employees must be trained, equipment must be maintained and looked after, and explosion protection documents must be updated every time there are changes or alterations. For example, a change in raw material, change of equipment, or even changing the place of a dividing wall may create a need for updating the explosion protection document.

We have created a check list  that you can use to make sure your workplace has explosion protection matters in order.

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