ATEX Training for Staff

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When taking care of explosion protection, two of the most important things are: marking the potentially explosive areas and training the staff who work within these areas.

Marking and signage in potentially explosive areas raise questions and concerns if no one has informed the staff why these markings and signs exist.

Training the staff members who carry out maintenance is extremely important because they regularly look after the equipment in the premises and on their part ensure that the equipment continues to operate in a safe manner.

ATEX training for staff covers a range of topics around explosion protection. For example: what can cause potentially explosive atmospheres and the risk of an explosion, where potentially explosive areas are usually located, what could cause an explosion, what potential causes of ignition are, what tools are safe to use in potentially explosive areas, how to work safely and what is the importance of cleanliness at the workplace.

“I have trained staff in ATEX matters at over 500 training sessions.

I continuously receive good feedback about the practical examples and guidance, the wide range of methods I use, and the abundance of photographs that my training sessions include.” – Pauli Korhonen Exvira Oy

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