Marking potentially explosive areas

Marking potentially explosive areas can be surprisingly challenging.

ATEX Directive 92/1992 Article 7 mentions that the entrances to areas that may contain potentially explosive atmospheres to a limit where they may be hazardous to the health and safety of staff must be marked with a warning sign that clarifies that there is a risk of explosion.

Marking areas in this way is good if the whole room, building, or area is potentially explosive. However, there are many instances where the extent of potentially explosive atmosphere is smaller. The use of EX sign in these areas makes these areas or rooms too high risk and limit the operation, and this way the EX sign suffers from devaluation.

I have created guiding signage in collaboration with my clients that not only inform of the risk of potential explosion but also specifies the cause of hazard and the extent of the area. These guiding signs are located near the operation that may cause a potential hazard. These signs are great for areas where potentially explosive atmosphere or area is only limited to one room, building, or area. Potentially explosive area can also be located inside equipment.

You can find an example sign for Flammable liquid storage on the Material page

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