It is worth investing in the safety culture at the workplace

In February 2012 I was at a safety training course. The training course was organised by DuPont Oy for their collaborative partners. DuPont is over 200 years old worldwide company, and a brilliant example of a company that invests in their safety culture. DuPont has approximately 65000 employees and the first product they made was gunpowder, so safety is at essence. The training course I attended took four hours and was filled with 100% valuable information. I made notes and will now share these with you because they will undoubtedly bring joy to people who work with safety.

Nine safety guidelines:

1. All injuries and work-related illnesses can be prevented

2. Company directors are responsible for safety

3.  All exposure to hazards during work can be managed

4. Safety is a condition of the employment contract

5. If work cannot be carried out safely, it will not be carried out

6. It is necessary to train all employees to work safely

7. Auditing must be carried out

8. All faults must be corrected as soon as possible

9. People are the most important element of a health and safety programme.

Other great principles and operating models:

  • Safety outside of work is an important part of the safety programme
  • Being proud of the good safety culture in the organisation is important
  • Acts, Decrees and guidelines will not be helpful if they are not considered in practice
  • Plan how you act and act like you planned. If you must deviate from the original plan, make a new plan.
  • If a potential risk of injury arises during work that was not considered in the risk assessment, stop the work and think of an alternative solution with your supervisor or the contact person of the client.
  • Report all hazards you notice and share your suggestions to improve safety
  • All hazards must be identified prior to starting work and risk assessment must be created to determine a hazard management plan.
  • Prior to starting maintenance work: lock, mark, verify, check, and after these you can start work.
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