Our Data Protection Policy

Exvira Oy processes data and personal information and holds a client register in compliance to GDPR.

We store the following personal data about our clients: Person’s name, Company’s name, job title, Company address, phone number, and person’s email address. We are in the process of updating the system so that we also store information about what services the client has received and when.

We hold data from persons for the reasons that they are either a client or they have been in touch with Exvira Oy and are therefore a potential client. Many companies that are clients of Exvira Oy have more than one point of contact.

Exvira Oy’s data register also holds the information of Pauli Korhonen’s family, relatives, and Scout friends. Information stored of these persons is usually their name, email address and phone number.

Exvira Oy’s data register is stored on Microsoft Exchange server, which is currently provided by Nebula Oy. This register can be accessed with computers and mobile devises that belong to Exvira Oy.

Nebula Oy’s server is located in Helsinki, Finland. Information has not been and will not be sent or transferred outside of the EU. We have received this information on 2nd March 2018 from Nebula Oy.

Exvira Oy is looking to create a training register of the training sessions we have run, which will include the company name, date of the training session, and the persons trained. We do not currently have attendee information from every training session we have run.

We collect no further personal information besides what is stated above.

If you would like to request to see the personal information we hold about you, please request this by email.

Information Security:

Nebula Oy, that is now part of the Telia Concern, is responsible for information security at Exvira Oy.

Personal information is stored on Nebula Oy´s server.

Personal information is handled either on computers or mobile devices that belong to Exvira Oy.

Exvira Oy’s computers use Windows 10 operating system, which have automatic updates, F-Secure virus protection, and Microsoft Defender firewall.

All Exvira Oy´s computers are password protected and hard drives are encrypted when computers are turned off. All programmes on computers and mobile devises have automatic updates.

Exvira Oy´s mobile devices use Android operating system and they are password protected. Mobile devices use AVG Protection Pro virus protection and have an antitheft programme. The mobile devices will lock if SIM cards are changed.

Only the employees of Exvira Oy can handle data and personal information by filling in additional information. The only person who will either add or remove information from Exvira Oy´s data register is Pauli Korhonen.

In case of a possible data break-in, we will immediately contact the police and our insurance company.

Privacy Policy:

Data is held and handled by Exvira Oy, Pauli Korhonen, Mäkihaantie 9, 09430 Saukkoka, +358405626099. Information we hold and handle consists of name, address, company, job role in the company, phone number, and email address. Data register holds information about clients and affiliate partners. Address information is updated according to Fonecta service based on name and phone number. Exvira Oy does not share information with anyone. Register is held on the server of Nebula Oy and accessed on virus protected and password protected computers and mobile devices of Exvira Oy.

Data protection officer is the person responsible for all operation, Managing Director of Exvira Oy, Pauli Korhonen.

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